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Truffle Hunting from €180 / per person

Take part in a once-in-a-lifetime experience with Italy Charme. Travel with us to Tuscany or to Piedmont, and discover all the secrets of one of the best condiments which can be used in the kitchen: the truffle.

You’ll enjoy some hours walking through woods, picking truffles along with a special guide, also an expert, but mostly a friend who will teach how to find truffles, how to recognize them and how to use them to inspire your dishes. Discover the forests crowding around the hills of the Chianti producers, or journey into the deep Piedmont, where Alba stands surrounded by chestnut and oak trees. Walk into the woods, with a truffle hunter and their dog, and let the magic of the experience inspire you.

After the walk learn how to use truffles to enrich a dish, and relax with an amazing tasting session combining the particular taste of truffles with the delicacy of some of the best-known wines of Italy; a concoction of flavors, enhanced by the beauty of some of the very best landscapes of the country. Discover with us the hunt for the diamond of the kitchen, as the truffle is often called, and let your journey become an unforgettable adventure.

All our experiences can be individually customized to your interests. We specialize in creating unique memories through an intimate local knowledge and understanding of Italia.

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