Private Group Tours

With a feeling of intimacy and inimitability.

Exploring Italy is always like a love story, the country as seductive and surreal as the imagination. From the old-world cities to the escapist villages, the wonderful food to the winding country roads, Italy justifies its fame as the world’s most romantic country. The colors are warm and rich, the atmosphere allows affection to blossom, and there’s a quaint mystery to every little turn.

At Italy Charme we understand that romantic vacations are best when there’s only two. So while we fill the romantic tours with unique experiences and encounters, we also provide space for the two of you to enjoy Italy alone. A honeymoon or romantic tour is the unique chance to do exactly what you want to. That’s why all our romantic experiences are expertly tailored to the most exacting of details. The tours on this page are just suggestions, starting points for your adventure in authentic Italia.

Chianti Half Day Afternoon

from €250 per person

Gondola Serenade With Musicians

from €320 per person

Iconic Italy Honeymoon

from €3500 per person

Legends and Ghosts of Venice Twilight Tour

from €310 per person

Rendentore Festival Experience

from €340 per person

Romantic Venice For Couples

from €290 per person

Venice Gondola Dinner and Serenade

from €210 per person