Italy is packed with group tours, the buses queuing up to park outside world-famous attractions. At Italy Charme we don’t believe that a private group tour has to follow the same standard itinerary, whether it’s a small group of friends or 50 people traveling together. We think that group tours, large or small, can also uncover the authentic heart of Italia.

We handcraft private group tours to the most exacting of requirements. Tell us what inspires you and we’ll craft an itinerary, mixing iconic attractions with off the beaten track experiences in all corners of the country. Our private group tours tailor all of the little details: charming accommodations, cooking classes, meeting the locals, unique shopping destinations, restaurant recommendations and reservations.

Send an enquiry with your ideas and images of Italy and we’ll reply with suggestions. Or leave your contact details and Italy Charme director Moreno Moretti will personally customize your group travel plans.