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Rent an Italian Castle from €1900 / Night

Step inside history and live your Italian days in an exclusive location: a castle embroiled with all the culture that Italy can offer. This is one of the most exclusive accommodation proposal offered by ItalyCharme. If you are looking for a special space for your honeymoon, or if you want just the perfect lodge for a romantic getaway, we have the answer.

Choose among Castles, country residences, aristocratic palaces or old convents: historic dwellings, often surrounded by greenery, Italian-style Parks or romantic gardens, that will turn your vacation into a fairytale. The options are many; the great lakes of the North, Tuscany, Rome and its surroundings, Umbria or Marche, why not? No matter where you choose to stay, we will make sure you will have everything you need and much more.

Because staying in a Castle is an experience, a unique way of sharing and exploring the great heritage of Italy. These places, no matter where they are, speak the language of the Country itself, expressing the unique allure that links each ambient to its territory, whether surrounded by gentle slopes or breathtaking precipices, historic city or cobbled alleyways of medieval villages.

Here a vacation becomes a chance to suspend everyday life, to dedicate yourself to your own needs and pleasures, to slow down. Take a breath and enjoy tour stay. Sit in the gardens and let the staff serve you a delicious brunch outside, have a chat, take a swim in the pool and get ready for your big day. Or just relax, cocooned by all the comfort of the place can offer. Live your fairytale and make it real. The leading role is yours as it is yours the tale is about to begin.

All our experiences can be individually customized to your interests. We specialize in creating unique memories through an intimate local knowledge and understanding of Italia.

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