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Spiritual Hiking – Cammino di San Francesco from €350 / per person

There is a path that traverses Italy from North to South to reach Rome, and beyond. It’s a walk of faith that during the centuries attracted millions of pilgrims looking for peace and blessing.

It is the so-called via Francigena or in Italian, the “Cammino of San Francesco”: almost 2.000 km crisscrossing through some of the key point of history, a walk of faith that was taking the believer from France to Rome and from there, down South to Apulia, where the harbor for the holy land was considered to be.

If your dream is walking through history, now this is for you. ItalyCharme will take you there for a hiking trip that will melt your heart. Follow the path of the pilgrims and discover Tuscany as you never have seen it. Walk from Lucca to Siena on a journey into the beating heart of the Renaissance.

Hike across the Cissa pass and enter the stillness of the Val d’Orcia, a UNESCO – listed region that stretches from Siena to the picturesque view of the Mount Amiata. Walk your way through ancient villages such as San Giminiano, following the beauty of a landscape designed in the Renaissance among the ever-stretching vineyards, until you will reach the majestic view of Siena and its ochre building, towers, and palaces. If walking is your thing, we will make sure your journey would turn into a real adventure on the path of time, to discover the unexpected beauty of history on slow motion, on a trail where every stone offers a secret waiting to be discovered.

All our experiences can be individually customized to your interests. We specialize in creating unique memories through an intimate local knowledge and understanding of Italia.

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