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Slow Food Farmer Experience from €350 / per person

There’s something which for Italian is as important as breathing, but that at the same time cannot easily be explained with words.

It’s the peace of doing nothing, the pleasure of resting under a tree, sipping a nice glass of white wine, while all around the hot spell of summer makes the cicadas screaming.

It’s having lunch on a patio, under a blooming wisteria, taking your time to taste your dish not only with your mouth but also with your soul. It’s whatever can be considered slow food, or the kindness of learning how to live slowly. Something that especially today is important not only as a topic for a journey but also as a way to protect our health from the stress of our busy, daily routines. This is the concept of a new kind of experience, offered by ItalyCharme to those in search of a different kind of travel.

As usual, our attention for whatever is elegant and precious is a must. Starting once again with the location; some of the most beautiful villas of the Country. You will journey from the ancient villas of Veneto, which inspired poets such as Goethe, to the beautiful palaces of the lakes district, with their gardens and vineyards, enjoying the slow motion of living, while tasting some of the best-renowned dishes of the Italian cuisine.

And let us not forget the wines: doc and docs, Riserva and special, to make the day really unforgettable. Surrounded by the beauty of the landscape, the very same views which charmed thousands of generations during the centuries, you will have the chance of getting the Italian way to happiness: the elegant pleasure of taking your time.

All our experiences can be individually customized to your interests. We specialize in creating unique memories through an intimate local knowledge and understanding of Italia.


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