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Rent an Italian Village


Are you in need of a special place? Are you planning your wedding, your graduation party, the newborn of your first child or anything in between? Are you looking for something private, but classy? Are you in need of open space, luxurious but also traditional, and with some character?

Price: 1000 € / Night


Rent an Italian Village

With ItalyCharme you have the possibility of renting an Italian village as the perfect setting for your event. Chose among over 20 different historical locations, such as the XVII Century convent, a medieval town square with a tower bell, the cozy baroque theatre or the amazing panoramic gardens. Everything will be set ready for you. [/vc_column_text]
More than that; the town will be closed to cars so that you will have all the privacy you need. Meet the mayor who’ll great you offering you the keys of the village, while the marching band is playing just for you and don’t worry about anything, just celebrate and enjoy your day. We will take care of everything else to make sure that your party will be really unforgettable. [/vc_column_text]

Rent an Italian Village

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