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Meeting an Aristocratic Family from €250 / per person

Italy has a history of thousands of years, a tale of wonders untangled not only by the precious heritage of the land but sometimes hidden in the bloodline of some of the oldest families of the peninsula, Noble houses sharing in some cases common ancestors with the Roman emperors that managed to keep thriving and growing through time.

The signs of this heritage are on plain sight: spread along the shores of the Italian lakes, the Maggiore, the Como Lake or the Garda Lake, it’s easy to spot ancient palaces, surrounded by startling gardens overlooking the water, symbols of a past never completely forgotten or lost.

ItalyCharme will give you the chance of visiting one of these noble houses, living for a day the splendor of a past still very much alive. For all those who want to travel not just to a place, but also through time, we offer the chance of spending a day as a guest of a Noble Italian family.

Enter their home, let they guide you through their history, admire the frescos covering the wall, take a walk in the garden and, when the sun sets, have dinner with them.

There are many ways of discovering history: living it directly through the stories of some of the families that were part of Europe’s past, that shaped it, is an amazing occasion to understand our roots and our heritage, a tale of wonders that you will be able to pass on, becoming somehow part of it yourself.

All our experiences can be individually customized to your interests. We specialize in creating unique memories through an intimate local knowledge and understanding of Italia.


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