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Lamborghini Factory Experience from €300 / per person

Imagine driving a real Formula 1 car. Sit down in the cockpit, strap your belts, push the throttle. Ready? Set, go! The sign is green, the track is empty. You are the one called to lead the day. Go full speed, let the engine shout all around you. You manage your rhythm, the speed, the thrill. Be reassured: happiness will come by itself.

This is the top driving experience proposed by ItalyCharme, to all those having speed and engine power in their veins, not just blood. Those who love Formula 1 and always dreamt of driving one of those cars, maybe on one of the most famous tracks of Italy, like a pilot.

We will take you there: to the Autodromo Enzo and Dino Ferrari of Monza, 5.800 meters length, 3 main straights, and breath-taking corners, for an unforgettable day. Start your race at full speed, pass the Biassono, and challenge the iconic Lesmo’s turns, dream along the Serraglio and beat the final step, the parabolic, right before the end of the race. Cross the finish line, and start all over.

For a day is all about you. You will drive in total safety: first, you’ll learn the basic with an F3 car, then you will step into the myth.

For everything else we get you cover: from equipment to an open bar with a lunch break to rest and recharge before your final laps on the track. If your dream is speed, there is nothing like a Formula 1. Get ready, the race of your life is about to start.

All our experiences can be individually customized to your interests. We specialize in creating unique memories through an intimate local knowledge and understanding of Italia.

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