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Italian Trans Siberian from €400 / per person

All aboard for a train ride that will take you back in time. It’s the Italian Trans – Siberian a 120 km journey on an almost 100 years old carriage completely restored, that from Rome reaches the ski resort of Sulmona Roccanaso, crossing the Abruzzo’s Mountains.

ItalyCharme, for all those willing to traverse Central Italy at a slow pace, proposes a ride on the train of time. The Italian Trans-Siberian is not something new. It was an attraction since the last century. Built-in 1897, became worldwide famous during the Golden Age of the train ride. Destroyed during the Second World War, it has been recently reopened with only one idea in mind: proposing a new way of traveling.

An experience that starts from the train itself: a low-speed traveling museum, winding its way up the rocky mountainside in a series of long and elegant loops. It’s an adventure in space and time that begins when you step into the carriage where the atmosphere and the allures of the Belle époque will surround you. Get comfortable, sit down and let the journey begin. Reaching an altitude of 1,269 meters, the train will pass through myriad tunnels and narrow cuttings, frozen lakes and snowy forests that will mesmerize you.

Slowly conquering the summits of Abruzzo, looping down gently after every peak, the Italian Trans Siberian will show you that there is no rush to get to a destination, because the charm of any travel is going through the journey itself, at a slow pace, like an old-style locomotive puffing its way through the majestic beauty of the Appenini.

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