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Helicopter Excursions from €990 / per person

Imagine being able to fly over the Dolomites, watching the majesty of the mountains from above.

Or picture yourself taking off over the picturesque Amalfi, with its blue deep sea and the colorful houses overlooking the bay. Or again envision the breathtaking view of the Etna from the sky: the burning mouth of the Volcano, the smoke clouds slowly fading into the air, with rivers of melted fire, dripping along its side.

Everything just there for you, to enjoy an eagle –eye point of view on some of the most beautiful landscapes of Italy. Italy Charme will take you to the skies with its helicopter day excursions that will grant you access to some of the most beloved and renowned landmarks of the Country. So sit tight, relax and enjoy the view. We will think about everything: from your transportation to the take-off site, to your comfort on board. The only thing you will have to worry about will be enjoying your day.

Four the top destinations proposed by Italy Charme: the DolomitesAmalfi, the Chianti area, and Etna.

Flying over the alpine summits is without any doubt an extraordinary experience not only to mountain lovers but also to photography aficionados. The massive knitting mills of the Dolomites is listed among the Unesco Heritage sights for its unforgettable unique beauty. With peaks of 2.000 meters, you will enjoy a breathtaking view that will last you for a lifetime.

If you prefer the quiet but amazing colors of the Sorrento Gulf, with the picturesque Amalfi right in the middle like a jewel to be discovered, we will make your dream come true. Fly with us over one of the most famous towns of Naples’ bay: Amalfi. Discover from the skies, this jewel placed at the mouth of a deep ravine, surrounded by dramatic cliffs. A unique destination that we will make for you really unforgettable.

And last, for all those looking for an adventure; let us take you in Sicily over the highest active volcano of Europe: Etna. His Majesty is well known: 3.000 meters of fire and smoke and one of the most attractive point of the island. With us, you will travel all around the Volcano mouth, reaching its peak and if you are lucky you may even see it breathing, coughing out a mist of ashes sprinkled with a glimpse of fire.

Discover the Tuscan countryside from the clouds. Let your helicopter take you up, over the rolling hills of the Chianti’s area. Admire the perfection of the colors, shaping a land renowned everywhere as the true essence of the Renaissance. Fly over ancient medieval towns spread all around the order of the fields like confetti and let the beauty fulfil your heart for a day, you will never forget.

For all the excursions we will provide you with the best service, tour guide, and safety and comfort, for a seamless experience that will make your vacation truly unforgettable

All our experiences can be individually customized to your interests. We specialize in creating unique memories through an intimate local knowledge and understanding of Italia.

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