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Gondola Workshop from €150 / per person

Take a journey into one of the oldest traditions of Venice. Leave behind the sparkles of Piazza San Marco and the souvenir shops crowding around the basilica, to discover one of the oldest workshops of the Laguna: take a journey into the art of building a Gondola. You may be surprised, but in the entire Venice, only three workshops remain

These are not just laboratories, but real master artisan ruling over an art dating back centuries. For all those looking for the unexpected and in love with the idea of discovering not just the traditional Venice, but also a more hidden and elusive one, ItalyCharme offer the chance of visiting a one of the oldest Gondola’s workshops in the city where you will have the chance of learning how these boats are made and their amazing history.

It takes up to 45 working days to make a Gondola and seven different types of wood: mahogany, cherry, fir, walnut, oak, elm, and lime. It’s an old art that follows today the same techniques used centuries ago. You will tour the workshop, discovering tools used since generations and you will have the chance of learning everything about the art of making this shallow asymmetrical boat: a little masterpiece, born as an oddity but slowly turned into one of the symbols of Venice all around the world.

All our experiences can be individually customized to your interests. We specialize in creating unique memories through an intimate local knowledge and understanding of Italia.

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