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Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix from €550 / per person

Do you have a thing for speed? Are you dreaming of watching the best formula 1 cars directly from the paddocks, experiencing the thrill of the race not as a viewer but almost as a part of the team?

Italy Charme offers a one of a lifetime experience for all those that are intrigued by the adrenaline of the F1 universe. We will take you the closer you get to have Formula 1. Visit the paddocks where you will be able to see some of the best cars in the world preparing for the race. Watch the team and the pilots, and for a day be part of the show. Walk the pit lane, the garage, and even the podium, where the winners at the end will celebrate the victory.

Meet the drivers for a greeting moment that you will remember forever, and at the beginning of the race, enjoy the show from a selected seating location to be right in the middle of the action. Get a closer look with us and enjoy the F1 for a day not as just a guest, but as a part of it.

All our experiences can be individually customized to your interests. We specialize in creating unique memories through an intimate local knowledge and understanding of Italia.

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