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Gondola Serenade With Musicians

Gondola Serenade With Musicians

from €320 per person

The most romantic way to cruise the canals of Venice, accompanied by musicians and the magic of the past.

Traveling in a gondola is an unmissable on any visit to Venice. So when you’re looking for a romantic experience, these ancient rowing boats don’t always seem as exclusive as they promise from afar.

Enhancing the intimacy, we can arrange a gondola cruise where you’re accompanied by musicians, the sonorous tones of Venice being played just for two.

Take the cruise in the morning, traversing the small and secret canals of the city. Or travel at dusk, sunset tones reflecting off the water as the musicians pluck on the strings. Like all our experiences, the length and direction of this serenade can be tailored to your needs.


Reccomended 18+ Age
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