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Country Estate near Urbino, Le Marche. Sleeps up to 90 with 33 bedrooms

Umbria Castle 12 Bedroom + Apartment


Surrounded by a large loop of the Chiascio river, in the territory of Gubbio, in Umbria, the region so-called the “green heart of Italy”, on a promontory from which the view arrives up to the Cucco Mount, has been built the Castle of Melograno.


Immerged in an uncontaminated landscape, bordered by woods, grasslands and waters, the history of Magrano is dating back to the middle ages when it was the heart of the defence of the Commune of Gubbio against Perugia.


In 1391 Melchiorre Montaiti, Lord Magrano, undertook against the Noble Antonio da Montefeltro, Lord of Urbino and Gubbio: Magrano was then severely assaulted with the destruction of its mill (then built again and still existing nowadays) but the soldiers of the Montefeltro family did not succeed to take over the Castle.


In 1431 Magrano moved under the jurisdiction of the Dukes of Montefeltro. Federico da Montefeltro (1422-1482) turned it into his favourite hunting residence; it is said that the Duke was active in the hunting of the fallow deers and wild boars that are still populating the residence; this hunting was always finishing with a banquet during which were appreciated the most precious fruits of this land, among which in particular the truffle.


In 1600 the ownership of the Castle went to the Noble family of the Carpegna, family to which were belonging bishops, cardinals and Priori of various cities in Umbria and Lazio.


In 1830 Magrano becomes the property of the family that still nowadays is the owner of the residence: more specifically to the Princess Giulia Bonaparte, daughter of two first grade cousins Zenaide and Carlo Luciano Bonaparte Prince of Canino, both nephews of Napoleon.


It is in this charming corner of nature, in this place so full of traditions and history, that you can spend some nice days of relax and entertainment, not far away from fascinating cities of art such as Gubbio, Gualdo Tadino, Nocera Umbra, Perugia and Assisi in addition to the park of the Cucco Mount with its summer sports (trekking and delta plane) and winter sports (skiing).


The Castle of Magrano is made of a central building and another edifice, the antique “foresteria”, linked to the first one.


Our house has 12 rooms and an apartment. The rooms (3 two-bedrooms, 7 double rooms and 2 suites) are completely furnished with Italian, French and German antique furniture, and every room offers a very quality level, thanks to the equipment and services (we actually offer two whirlpool baths and a mini swimming pool inside the room). The attic room is equipped with wooden parquet and offers two double bedrooms, two baths and a living room with kitchenette.


We offer half-board service and light lunch: groups of min. 10 people can book our dinner service with a chef de cuisine and a waiter (the cost to be estimated). Our guests can use a billiard, a dining room, a living room, some reading corners, a well-equipped kitchen, two toilets, a swimming pool with locker room and showers, a car park, a garden with bowls playground, TV, DVD players, CD players and free WiFi in the whole house.


We can organise courses of gilding, small restoration and decoration, as well as cooking and wine-tasting classes with professional sommeliers. Our staff speaks English.


Moreover, it is possible to have guided visits of the fauna and hunting firm (with the presence of various games, fallow deers, wild boars, hares and pheasants), to attend the search and the picking of the precious white and black truffle with trained dogs, and to practice sport fishing on the Chiascio river. GROUND FLOOR: the structure has 4 reception rooms, starting with the large Sala della Torre on the ground floor, directly connected to the courtyard, with a large stone tunnel vault (13th century); dining room with large fireplace (15th century) with bas-reliefs; professional kitchen directly connected to the Courtyard, the Bastion and the dining room.


FIRST FLOOR: reception room with small 15th-century fireplace and French windows; small library with 15th-century fireplace and 14th-century bas-reliefs


SECOND FLOOR: 4 bedrooms (3 with double beds, 1 with twin beds,) each with its own bathroom and shower).


THIRD FLOOR: Suite with double bed, bathroom with whirlpool bathtub accessed by a wrought iron spiral staircase that merges with a 13th century stone staircase.


FOURTH FLOOR: Suite at the top of the Tower with a double bed (accessed via a wooden staircase), own bathroom with shower.


"FORESTERIA" (guest quarters)


GROUND FLOOR: billiard room, ironing room with small kitchen and washing machine.


FIRST FLOOR: 5 bedrooms with double beds, 1 of which has two double beds and bathroom with whirlpool bathtub, and 1 of which has two single beds

The residence is immersed in a large park where you can find games, fallow deers, pheasants, wild boars and any other kind of animals typical from this area, and it is part of a consortium of fauna and hunting. It is possible to make guided visits of the fauna firm and of the Castle. In the surroundings of the residence, one can make excursions in the park of the Cucco Mount where it is possible to practice delta plane and other excursion activities. It is possible to practice sport fishing on the Chiascio river, the picking of mushrooms and other fruits of the wood: in particular, you can attend the search and picking of white and black truffles by trained dogs when it is the season.

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