5 Italian Booking Trends For 2021

With 10 years experience in handcrafting the finest luxury and authentic Italian experiences Italy Charme is bringing you our 5 Italy travel booking trends to look out for in 2021
Italians are passionate about their food, wine, culture, history, design and lifestyle

Slow Travel

Slow travel was born from the slow food movement that started in Italy as a reaction against the first McDonalds to open in the eternal city of Rome. Slow travel in Italy is about creating a genuine connection between the traveller and the best of Italy’s regions, people, culture, food and lifestyle.

In our hectic world where work and life constantly overlap and days are spent multi-tasking to meet demands and deadlines, we are seeing an increase of travellers using their vacation time to escape their frantic day to day lifestyles. Rather than choose a holiday where they aim to cram in as many cities and sites as possible the trend is to take the foot off the pedal and immerse themselves into the lifestyle and culture of an Italian region or even smaller town or village.

Italians are passionate about their food, wine, culture, history, design and lifestyle and will welcome all that want to immerse themselves into La Dolce Vita. And with such a rich abundance on offer Italy is the perfect place for slow travel. In fact, you are spoilt for choice for regions that are ideal for slow travel including the obvious regions of Tuscany, Umbria and Sicily regions but we are specialists in using our knowledge to offer lesser-known but equally as great options.

One of these is the Le Marche region in the East of the country. Snow-capped mountains, sandy cove beaches, medieval hilltop towns and rich farmland awaits the traveller wanting to take time to stop and smell the flowers. Famous for its truffles, wine favoured by Roman emperors and cuisine that is based on centuries-old recipes using only local ingredients Le Marche is our choice recommendation for the perfect Italian slow travel experience.

Italian Lifestyle Experiences

The word “Italian” is a common prefix to Food, Wine, Art, Design, Cars and Motorbikes so it’s no wonder more and more of your clients are wanting to experience this Italian lifestyle while in Italy.

Some of our more popular Italian lifestyle options revolve around iconic Italian cars and motorbikes like exploring the Chianti area of Tuscany in a vintage Fiat 500, Alfa Romeo, or Masserati or the excitement on the back of a Vespa. There is also the Italian design and fashion experience with a visit to the Milan fashion show and art, design and architecture tours with an expert guide.

Gourmet Italy

Since the times of Lord Byron traveller’s have come to Italy for its food and drink. Like Italian lifestyle experiences, the trend is to now to get more hands-on with Gourmet Italy and learn the skills of the artisans and experts in the destination. We have seen an increase in bookings on all of our experiences that involve food and wine with the most popular being learning to make pizza and gelato in Florence, home cooking with a Nonna in Bologna, private tours at exclusive vineyards or an insider’s tour of the best local cafes, markets and restaurants in Rome and Venice.

Authentic Accommodation

Where you stay overnight is incredibly important to your overall experience in Italy. Although using accommodation typical of a country’s heritage is not a new trend we are seeing a continued increase of clients wanting more authentic accommodation. All our villas are chosen to bring your client a total Italia experience and we go even further by offering village homes, castles, chateaux and monasteries all hand-picked to make your client’s Italy experience even more authentic.

Uber Luxury

The rich seem to be getting richer and our uber luxury product is in more demand. The experiences for your high net worth clients should reflect the other trends for 2020 in being authentic and immersive. Our concierge collection delivers the very best of the best. Exclusive tours of Italy’s best vineyards, private jet and helicopter transport, expert-guided design and art tours and Ferrari experiences are just some of the booking trends you will see in 2020

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