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Ah, Piedmont, one of the biggest and still less known areas of Italy. A place with many well-kept secrets: abbeys, medieval town, crystal blue lakes, and wines. Not just any wine, but alas some of the best of the entire […]

from €245 per person

Tuscany has one of the most beautiful landscapes of the world, a setting rich in history, culture, and traditions.   This precious territory, that every year attracts millions of visitors offers also some of the very best wines of Country. […]

from €199 per person

Explore the beautiful wine region of Chianti on a scenic tour that from Florence, will take you to visit one of the most famous landscapes of Italy, a postcard scenery of gently rolling hills and vineyards, studded with cypress trees. […]

from €220 per person

It comes all to the bubbles. From celebrating the big moments of life to welcoming the end of the week or of the year, bubbles stand firmly as a synonymous for enjoyment. And Italy has a long lasting tradition of […]

from €150 per person

It’s speed, power, and adrenaline. It’s the Superbike: a name that stands for passion, roaring engines and some of the most spectacular circuits of the entire world. For all those that always dreamt of having a closer look at the […]

from €390 per person

Do you have a thing for speed? Are you dreaming of watching the best formula 1 cars directly from the paddocks, experiencing the thrill of the race not as a viewer but almost as a part of the team?   […]

from €550 per person

There is a path that traverses Italy from North to South to reach Rome, and beyond. It’s a walk of faith that during the centuries attracted millions of pilgrims looking for peace and blessing.   It is the so-called via […]

from €350 per person

Venice is not Venice without its canals. The water, reflecting the colors of the palaces, mirrors the landscape enhancing its beauty. Now, imagine of a journey through the city from a different point of view. Not just walking along the […]

from €120 per person

Imagine you could enjoy the sunrise over the rolling hills of Tuscany from the air. Look from above to the light of the sun shaping the Earth, slowly lighting every single little corner of the landscape.   Or even better, […]

from €350 per person

There is no other place like Milan. It’s a creative workshop of trend and glamour like no others. Milan is the symbol of whatever is fashion, design, and lifestyle.   Not just Italy, but a very special part of it. […]

Explore with us Emilia Romagna’s heritage, with a tour entirely dedicated to some of the best known Italian food ambassadors in the entire world: parmesan and balsamic vinegar.   ItalyCharme will take you to the beating heart of Modena’s favorites, […]

from €240 per person

Take part in a once-in-a-lifetime experience with Italy Charme. Travel with us to Tuscany or to Piedmont, and discover all the secrets of one of the best condiments which can be used in the kitchen: the truffle.   You’ll enjoy […]

from €180 per person
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