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Gondola Workshop

Take a journey into one of the oldest traditions of Venice. Leave b..

from €150 per person

Kayak in Venice

Venice is not Venice without its canals. The water, reflecting the ..

from €120 per person

Venice Gondola Dinner and Serenade

The classic gondola journey through the canals of Venice: A romanti..

from €210 per person

Legends and Ghosts of Venice Twilight Tour


Venice has a mysterious soul, the city ch..

from €310 per person

Romantic Venice For Couples

A romantic experience handcrafted just for two, letting you live an..

from €290 per person

Gondola Serenade With Musicians

Traveling in a gondola is an unmissable on any visit to Venice. So ..

from €320 per person

Rendentore Festival Experience

Venice’s most unforgettable festival: An exclusive gondola exper..

from €340 per person