A foodies trail through Florence; the secrets of Venice, alive in private art galleries and twilight chronicles; driving a vintage Fiat 500 through the landscapes of an old Italia movie set. Our iconic experiences are all about the heart and soul of Italy. From extravagant art and attractions to the backstreets and backroads, we guide you to the places that feel untouched by time.

This page showcases a selection of our popular experiences. But it is just the start. Over the years we’ve guided TV chefs and celebrities seeking to find the most unusual and authentic parts of Italy. And we’ll customize an experience to exactly what you want to uncover.

What side of Italy lives on in your imagination?

We understand that sometimes the country of your imagination doesn’t quite match the country you travel in. Italy is full of the dreamy images, from foraging for truffles to romantic villages and getting lost in the vineyards. We specialize in uncovering the most authentic parts of the country matching the destinations to what your imagination likes to conjure. And we pride ourselves on tailoring the experiences to your impressions.