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Please find below a short list of people
who visited Le Marche through LeMarcheHoliday.net for different business reasons.

I completed a cooking tour in Lithuania sponsored by Lithuania Restaurant Association (LVRA). I was the director of thisRead more
In October 2012 I collaborated as local consultant during the filming of a documentary about Le Marche together with theRead more
In 2013 I was asked by Maria Liberati to be the recipe consultant for Central Italy in her new book “The Basic Art ofRead more
In September 2012 I organized an interesting wine and food tour in Ascoli Piceno for Sara Lafountain, a famous fashion modelRead more
In April 2009 I was honoured to work with Heston Blumenthal, one of the best chefs in the world and the owner of many of theRead more
For the May/June 2012 edition of the Jamie Magazine, I was commissioned by the editor’s consultant in Italy, GianlucaRead more
The 2 clips on this page feature Sarah Fragoso interviewing me about local food and wine products for her ‘EverydayRead more
This clip features my eccentric friend Peppe Cotto, who is keeping alive the last traditional butcher’s shop in LoroRead more
In September 2012 I arranged a wine and food tour in the beautiful city of Pesaro together with Maud Onnermark, a famousRead more